Elements of Detox

by Joseph Pagan on December 17, 2020

It’s summer and we all want to be our healthiest, and to look our best, of course. We work out more and attempt to eat right, although those summer BBQs tend to not help in that department. One way to help your body to be better is to detox. It is proven that even a simple detox can help eliminate toxins and improve energy, immunity, and vitality.

According to Isaac Eliaz, MD, there are seven simple ways to detox. However no matter which method(s) that you prefer, you should always begin slowly and allow the body to do what it needs to do. And as always, consult your doctor or dietician if you have questions about a program.

Reduce your exposure to toxins. Found in everyday items like beauty products and cleaning supplies and even in the air around us, we are constantly in contact with harmful toxins like heavy metals, formaldehyde, BPA, phthalates, and PDBEs. Alcohol, prescriptions, processed foods, stimulants, etc, build up over the years and can impair body functions. Best way to help this? Keep all spaces around you well ventilated and test for food allergies, such as gluten or dairy, and stay away from those. Food allergies can damage your digestive tract and allows toxins to enter the bloodstream easier.

Alkalize your diet. Increase fruits and veggies that are high in alkaline minerals like potassium and calcium. People who are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy are particularly vulnerable to having more acid in their body as they no longer eat dairy products that are full of alkalizing calcium. Eat things like avocados, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, chard and potatoes (with the skin on) to help get these important minerals. Want an easy, seasonal cleanse? Put potatoes, celery, green beans, parsley, kale, onions, zucchini, beet tops, and seaweed in a pot of water. Drink the broth.

Hydration. Drink lots of water. The average adult human body is 50-65% water. Plus, this calorie-free beverage helps to flush toxins out of the body and aids in proper biological function.

Get off the sofa and move. Even moderate, regular exercise is important. It releases toxins, increases circulation and besides, it makes you feel better physically, emotionally, and psychologically. And for those reasons alone, if for nothing else, it can make you feel healthier. It helps to de-stress.

Pre-cleanse. You should begin a detox with supplements that are full of natural ingredients, which help clean out the toxins from the circulatory system. One that many people use is modified citrus pectin, which helps rid the body of heavy metals and environmental toxins. It can help boost immunity, reduces inflammation, and may help protect against cancer.

Use nutrients and botanicals. These help to detoxify organs and tissues after using a simple detox for the circulatory and digestive systems. Dr. Eliaz recommends incorporating compounds, herbs, and nutrients. For example, selenium, MSM, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), milk thistle, cilantro, goldenrod, alpha-lipoic acid, garlic, and dandelion leaf. Each of these helps specific organs and are all natural with no side effects.

To help with your detox, you need to change your diet and not put anymore toxins into your body as you are taking them out, so eliminate red meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and table salt. Increase fresh veggies, seeds, nuts and grains. Eat more fiber, like from flax seeds, rice bran, chia seeds or psyllium. Drink lots of filtered water!! Eat more mushrooms, which are great antioxidants, focusing on ones like shiitake, maitake, cordyceps, and tremella. Medicinal mushrooms are drawn to areas that need repair, toxic, or injured and help to begin the healing process.

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Reference: Amazing Wellness magazine from the Vitamin Shoppe, Summer 2013.

 Originally Posted: July 1st, 2013


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